Your opportunity to cultivate conscious relationships with those on the other side of the veil.

What You’ll Learn:

Hi, my name is Ángel Michael Rojas, your facilitator...
We have the opportunity to work with those who have transitioned and those we feel guided by.


At one point in my life I hadn’t given an thought about my ancestors. Candidly, it wasn’t until I had been on my spiritual journey for several years, before it became a question for me.

Through my 25 plus years of being active in my self growth, self healing and discovering who I am, I have reached that point in knowing how important it is to know your origins, or at least what you can piece together though research and inner reflection.

This has been paramount for me, as it has provided me the opportunities to see how deeply woven and intermingled we re with our ancestors.

It is through various modalities, philosophies,  tools and techniques cobbled over the years, that I am joyfully and gratefully to be sharing with you.


Altars can provide us a form of healthy anchors, from where we can sit at an altar to recenter oneself.

They can be a gateway into receiving support, guidance and honoring those not in physical form.

We incorporate crystals, to utilize there consistency of certain properties and characteristics.

It is from here, that we are able to gain insight of the ancestors. They can be a wealth of knowledge and information.


The opportunity to learn about your self and incorporate these sacred creations into your home that are of intentional purpose. For the purpose of self support, that can be expressed as peace, love, clarity, joy and countless other erperiences.

Included in this workshop...

Hands-on workshop. Here’s what you’ll get:

About Your Instructor: Ángel Michael Rojas

Personal life practitioner of 25 plus years of Buddhism, Shamanism, Tantra, and Yoga.

Working with altars, ancestors, and crystals, offers a holistic approach to being present.

We gain insights into the wisdom and knowledge held by those who came before us.

Our program blends the ancient practice of altars with the scientific knowledge of crystal properties.

These practices can be applied at anytime of the year or year-round.

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