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Why have your business cleansed?

Our businesses are our financial lifelines. We engage and operate our businesses to offer products and services to support our current and new clients. Regardless of our industry, be it in medical, financial, consumer goods, real estate, health care, retail, food service, or any other field, they all offer some product and/or service for the benefit of our clients, as well as our own financial welfare.

We have made an investment in order to operate our business, and ifwe are a small business owner or entrepreneur, we have not only invested our time and finances, we have most likely invested our blood, sweat and tears.  All of this is ENERGY.

Energy is not something that shows up as a tangible or physical form; nonetheless it is energy.

Everything is energy. Good moods, bad moods, addictions, words, thoughts and feelings all create energy.

Look at it this way: We each have unique fingerprints; We have unique DNA that we leave in each place we visit on any given day. What we are also leaving is an energetic fingerprint. These are our emotional states that are then left everywhere we visit.

First payment $100.00 per item

Negative Vibrations

If you are like most other humans, even if we do our best to compartmentalize our personal life from our business life, they still bleed over into one another. Why? Because we cannot compartmentalize our beliefs and life perspectives. If we have doubts or worries in our personal life, they will permeate into our business as well. Whatever our life perspectives are will carry into our business.

Have you ever entered a room after there was an argument or some unpleasant event? The old phrase, “you can cut the tension with a knife”, is clearly evident in that room. That’s ALL energy.

We arrive at work irate because someone cut us off on the road, we had a fender-bender, the washer broke just as we were about to walk out of the house, the husband/wife calls us and tells us our primary checking account is overdrawn… These are all life experiences that we carry into the workplace… Now how many employees do you employ? Add all their life experiences into the mix. Now add your clients and customers, along with their life experiences, into the mix.

Our offices or other workplaces can become filled with negative and harmful energy. This energy is produced by thoughts and words, often called thought forms. Angry words, fear, depression and other emotions can become stuck in the room where they were expressed.

Again, this extends throughout all industries. Are you a real estate or financial services office? Your clients and prospects are often coming in with their worries about whether they can afford the house, or whether they willqualify for the loan. Are you in the medical services? Your clients are coming in with worries about their health, and even whether they are going to live or die. Are you in the food industry? Your clients are coming in and talking about what has transpired in their lives, and “getting off their chest” what is disturbing them…

THIS IS ALL ENERGY that is being left in your business.

EMF – Electromagnetic Fields

Our appliances anddevices emit an electromagnetic field, which can extend throughout our offices. These EMFs have been proven to cause illness and dis-ease. Energetically clearing these fields can improve your health and comfort level.

Business Slow?

Your customers leave behind negative energy and emotions when they visit your place of business. These negative energies will cause the energy to feel heavy, making your employees and customers feel out of sorts emotionally and physically. Energetically cleansing the energy of your business will make it feel more inviting and comfortable, thereby increasing your business and productivity.

Website Business Slow?

When customers visit your website, they leave behind negative energy and emotions just as if they had been there physically. This can cause sales to be sluggish and visitors to leave your site quickly. Energetically cleansing the negative energy from your website can increase your sales. 

 What services does your business utilize?  

Might they be cleaning services of your floors, windows, and facilities? Or perhaps a service that provides food? Or some other services? When we consider that we contract others to aid us in running our businesses, it’s easy to add in a subtle energy cleaning service.


We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours to set up a phone consultation, or schedule an onsite service. 

Energetic Business Cleansing for a physical or web business ranges from $90.00 to $150.00 (depending upon square footage, number of employees and industry).

 Package Option Available. If your business is within an industry that experiences extreme emotional ranges from prospects and clients, we HIGHLY recommend a monthly cleansing.


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