New Moon Attunement


What is a new moon attunement?

New Moon Attunements facilitated for community members. A treatment session to support the individual bring, clarity, alignment and balance in preparation of the new lunar cycle.

New Moon Phase Meaning

The lunar cycle will begin and end with the New Moon Phase, it’s when the moon is positioned between the Sun and the Earth and none of the moon’s reflective surface is visible to us. It’s a time of new beginnings, changes, time to pick up projects you’ve been putting off. Time to set off on some new journey, take a risk and open a new acquaintance. During the new moon phase, there are no limits to what wonderful things can grow and come from new opportunities.

The new moon cannot be see, as the sun is behind the moon and is therefore lighting the side facing away from the earth. This is also the start of a new lunar cycle and occurs once a month.

The new moon is best for… This is a time for new beginnings and setting intentions for the month ahead. It’s the start of a brand new lunar cycle, so it’s the perfect time to make plans and decide what you want to achieve over the next 29 days.

New moon attunements are facilitated during the new moon cycle (2 to 3 day duration). Which Includes what is known as the dark moon, which immediately precedes the new moon. This phrase provides us the opportunity to prepare ourselves for what we are consciously choosing to manifest in the new moon cycle.

In essence, we are addressing current issues so that what we choose to manifest is less likely to be influenced by our limiting thoughts, beliefs, and issues.

The attunements are facilitated via vibration and frequencies. Some of these we hear, others we do not hear, as they are beyond the range of our hearing.

Because we are working energetically, the attunements are performed over the phone or video conference.

Transmission generally lasts approximately 40 minutes up to 45 minutes. We then sit for a few minutes afterwards, if necessary chat and  process for our logical mind what occurred.

Again, these are normally provided for community members, however with things being extremely energy charged recently, they are being offered to anyone who feels aligned with this support.

Energy Exchange is $54 (full rate is $111)


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