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It is time to optimize. What this means is


1. Having the pages load as fast as possible

2. Having the images load as quickly as possible

3. Make your store more visible on google. So when a person does a search for jewelry, or handmade jewelry, or silver jewelry.

4. Optimize shopify for better search results. This is like google, but it is specific to shopify. Think of whenever you go to a website like amazon, or etsy or others. People do searches on those websites, so it is important to optimize so it is easier for people to find you on shopify.

Here is what will be done:

1.  I’ll optimize your Shopify speed in order to improve your sales and give to some tips to maintain Shopify speed for a long time.

2.Tools for measuring Shopify speed:

  • Google Pagespeed insight
  • GTmatrix

3. How will make Shopify site faster: 

  • App analysis & old code removal
  • Minify CSS & JS Files
  • Defer and async JS & CSS
  • Optimization of Images & lazy loading
  • Dynamic scaling of Images
  • Reduce the number of HTTP requests

4. Analyze your site’s current performance. You can check the current speed of the site for mobile and desktop in the screenshots. I’ll improve the mobile speed to 75+ and the desktop to 90-99. These are currently higher possible estimations due to the limitations of Shopify. My priority will be to achieve the higher possible results. The Optimization will be for all pages of your site including the home page, collection pages, and product pages.

Once the order is complete, I can have it completed within 3 or 4 business days.
Cost will be $170 USD
Installation of Stormlike application:
This is to get people to like your posts. As I shared earlier, getting people to like your page is ok, BUT what matters is getting people engaged with your posts.
Cost will be $50 USD
TOTAL to complete 1 & 2 is $250


Price $220.00





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