Rattle Workshop


Rattle Building Workshop Saturday, March 4th Las Vegas

10am to 2pm approx

***Advanced Paid Registration is REQUIRED

Build your own Elk Hide Rattle

Price $38.00

Join us as we make Elk Hide Rattles

In addition to drums, other sacred instruments are Rattles also known as shakers, they are an integral part to sacred practices and many cultures of the world.

Rattles may be used to accompany drums during a ceremony or help to keep the beat during rituals and secular festivities. The earliest rattles were made from animal hide and attached to a small wooden staff to hold. The animal hide would have been filled with very small rocks, seeds or grains. These instruments are often made of rawhide, gourds and tin cans.

All supplies are included in the workshop, however if there is some material (tree branch or antler) you would like to use as the handle, you are encouraged to bring it to the workshop.

The Rattle Building Workshop learning how to connect, determining the size and shape of the rattle, and how to fabricate the pouch. Instructions on how to fill the pouch with seeds, rocks or semi-precious gem chips.

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